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Interview with Annie Social from 2009

On April 2009 I could contact female wrestler Annie Social ( follow her now on @annie_social) and she agreed on answering some questions for my old blog. I will be a great fan of Annie, not only because of her good looks, but for her unique personality. She brings an innovative character to the wrestling world and has earned the right to be respected by every real wrestling fan.
The curious thing for me was that I asked her a Shimmer wrestling related question and that next weekend she debuted managing Melanie Cruise. Obviously she didn't spoil the surprise appearance that shocked the Eagles Clud wrestling fans witnessing the event, but I felt like "Oh Annie knew it!" Annie crossed the ocean to perfect her craft in Japan and has performed for some promotions in the USA since them, being the most decorated promotion WSU ( Recently she lost to returning April Hunter in the J-Cup tourament
So here the inteview and I hope to have a new one in 2012.

JC: When and Why did you hooked up with wrestling?
Annie Social: I broke into the wrestling business in 2001. A promoter for WEW found me at a bar I worked at in Center City (Philadelphia) and asked me if I wanted to oil wrestle. After my first event I was pretty much hooked. I wanted to be a part of the main show so I started training in Pro Wrestling at PWU's Animal House with Trent Acid, Gary Wolf and Mike Kehner. I've been in the business eversince. I currently work for JAPW, NWE, WSU and NWWL.
JC:  Who are your favorite wrestlers? Any female?
Annie Social: Some of my faves are Trent Acid, Too Cold Scorpio, Hayabusa, Amazing Red, Mick Foley, Devon Moore, Teddy Fine, Joker and B Boy. I could go on forever...Jay Lethal is mad rad as well as Eddie Kingston and Flip Kendrick...there is so much undiscovered talent on the indies. As far as the ladies....April Hunter, Mickie Knuckles and Roxie Cotton are my top three.

JC:  I know you have been in many wrestling promotions, being the most well know: WEW, WSU, NWE, IWA-MS and NWWL is pretty famous as well. Where would you like to work. Have you ever consider Shimmer?
Annie Social: I'll work wherever I can. I love to wrestle, if Shimmer wants me...good shit.

JC: How did you came up with the Annie Social character. how much % of you is Annie Social?
Annie Social: Annie Social is just everyday me amplified for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I am naturally mean and bitter and I rather enjoy givin bitches a beatdown.
JC:  What is your favorite match you have been in?
Annie Social: Thus far, my favorite match was against Detox at PWU's Fan Appreciation Night. He is a really good friend of mine and actually had a huge part in my training. We've wrestled eachother thousands of times and it was awesome to do it live. It was the most fun I've had in a match to date.
JC: Who is your favorite opponent? And who would you like to wrestle in the future?
Annie Social: Detox was my favorite male opponent and Roxie Cotton, April Hunter and Angel Orsini are my favorite females to work with. I'd like to work a match with Mickie Knuckles, Mercedes Martinez, Sumie Sakai or Portia Perez.

Annie is gonnaaa Killll you!

JC:  What do you do besides wrestling?
Annie Social: I smoke a joint, check my myspace and go to bed. I don't really have time for much else.
JC: If WWE or TNA hire you, but they would repackage you and make Annie Social be a "Maria Kanellis character" or dye your hair and be blonde #17 would you take it?
Annie Social: That would depend on how bad ass blonde #17 was supposed to come off. I can't play dumb no matter how hard I
JC:  How difficult was wrestling for NWWL. I guess it would be a bit uncomfortable wrestling naked in front of many BTW your blog pervert of the week is funny, you should try a short myspage show, like how to catch a predator, would be how to catch a internet perv...
Annie Social: It was a match just like any other except I was naked. I come from a background in exotic dancing so nudity isn't really a big deal to me. It wasn't really that big a deal in Toronto at the taping. Canada is a lot more liberal than the states.
I'm glad you dig pervert of the week. Everyone needs a good laugh at someone else's dismay every now and then. As far as "How to Catch a Perv"...there's no need to set a trap...they just kinda flock to
JC:  What can we expect for this year from Annie Social?
Annie Social: Ass whoopery, some f bombs, bitterness and awesomeness. Some TV time would be kickass.
JC: What do you think about the state of women wrestling right now?
Annie Social: I think TNA has it right. They're actually giving the girls a chance to shine with their in ring ability. We train just as hard as the guys to break into the's about time the girls actually get to wrestle and have an angle better than "you stole my boyfriend".
JC:  How do you think Wrestlicious would affect female wrestling? do you remember GLOW?
Annie Social: I think of wrestlicious as a seperate product from the rest of the female feds out there. It's comedy...a lot like GLOW was. I'm sure it will be entertaining but it will be a whole different type of entertainment. Don't hold your breath for a "holy shit" moment.
JC: Is there anything you would like to add to your fans?
Annie Social: I just wanna say thank you for your support. I'm lucky enough to be able to do something I love and you all make it possible.
JC: BTW if, a booker wants to contact you, how can he do it?
Annie Social: My myspace addy is and my email is I check both daily so feel free to hit me up.

Here you can watch an interview with Annie Social made by the Completely Damaged crew. A must say is that Annie looks HOOOOOOTTT in the video. This made in 2011.Best part starts at 2:42, but whole video is worth watching

And here an Annie fan made a caw of her for WWE 12. Hmm I like the attire, hate the music nthe video. I should confess that I made a caw of her for the SDVR9 game and had a more brawler attire

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